Through KoHa we endeavor to share with you a fresh and healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

Nutrient rich and unprocessed, with delicious fusion flavours borrowed from Korea, Hawaii, and Asia-Pacific cuisine, each Bowl and Bao transforms our natural and healthy ingredients into something distinct and exceptional.

Locally sourced where and when we can and partnered with farmers and purveyors who care about their products as much as we do.

Food to nourish the body and spirit.


Some of our favourite seasonal local farmers and purveyors

Green Valley Farms

(Mt Albert, On)

Top Line Greenhouses

(Leamington, On)

Gaetano & Sons

(Bradford, On)
Green Onion

Magalas Farms

(Waterford, On)

Chary Produce

(Oakland, On)

Dominion Farm Produce

(Bradford, On)

Jing Peking Foods

(Markham, On)
Bao Buns


At Koha we are committed to being an environmental leader of our industry.
Some of the green measures we are undertaking to meet this mission include:


All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

nature conservancy of canada

We make a monthly donation to the Nature Conservancy of Canada so we can help do our part in keeping this country beautiful

biobased cleaner

We use a biobased, plant-derived glass cleaner so that we can both help the environment and avoid any contamination of the food

locally source

We strive to source our supplies locally and to use organics whenever possible in order to minimize our carbon footprint

internal waste

All of our internal waste is separated into organics, recyclables and regular garbage for efficient disposal

light bulbs

All of the light bulbs used in our stores are energy efficient

paper product

All of our napkins are from recycled products


All our thermostats are programmed to minimize energy waste, particularly during non-business hours